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It's A Party - Virgin Voyages Style

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Night Andrea Kaltved

It's two parties, actually! And you need to know about these parties before you set sail so that you can pack the appropriate attire.

Okay, actually, nobody is going to kick you out of a party because you aren't wearing the right thing. But it's a whole lot more fun to go if you are in the spirit of things!

Pajama Party

First of all, there is a Pajama Party onboard. For our sailing in June 2023, it was the first night of the cruise. You will be able to see ahead of time in the Virgin Voyages app what night your Pajama Party will be once the event lineup is available.

Our Pajama Party was on Deck 16 of Scarlet Lady at the Athletic Club in the aft of the ship. And guess what? There were people there in their regular clothes. But not many. Most people had donned some form of nighttime wear. And trust me, we saw it all. From shorts and tank tops to satin pajama sets to flannel pajamas to furry onesies to lingerie and everything in between. My mom and I wore matching pajamas and of course it was a fun opportunity for us to go shopping for something brand new. You definitely don't need to buy something new (although this is your permission to do so if you want!), but I would recommend not wearing your oldest, rattiest pajamas. At least opt for something relatively hole- and stain-free.

The Pajama Party is mostly dancing and drinking. We stayed for about an hour and a half and there was one short performance by the Happenings Cast during that time, as well. The music was solidly mid-90s, with some other well-known hip hop songs from both earlier and later decades thrown in here and there. My mom and I went early so we could find a place to sit and we bopped along to the beats but never really got up and danced. We were having too much fun watching other people dance! I would say roughly 1/3 of the attendees took our approach, while the other 2/3 were more actively getting their groove on.

Several people who were on our cruise graciously provided me with pictures of their attire so that my pajamas aren't the only reference that you have when you are planning your own Pajama Party accoutrements. Take a look below at some of the things people wore:

Scarlet Night

The other big night onboard a Virgin Voyages cruise is Scarlet Night. I won't give away too much because it is fun to go to the pre-party activities and learn the legend behind Scarlet Night for yourself. But to give you a general idea, Scarlet Night is a ship-wide party where people are encouraged to wear red.

Just like the Pajama Party, no one is going to deny you participation in Scarlet Night if you aren't wearing any red. But it is a whole lot easier to get caught up in the vibe if you have something red to wear. I did hear more than one person who wasn't wearing red lament that they wish they had known about Scarlet Night... and I told them that if they had booked with me I would have made damn sure they knew!

Once again, what my mom and I wore to Scarlet Night shouldn't be your only frame of reference. So some more gracious people from our sailing allowed me to use their pictures to showcase some of the different options. As you will see, some people opted for a pop of red while others were decked out head-to-toe. Overall, some people on the cruise were dressed casually on Scarlet Night, but most were dressed up a little more since it is such a special night - you'll notice that every person in the pictures below is dressed up. If you don't have any red, the next best thing is white or black. Check out the pictures below for some inspiration for your own sailing:

A huge thank you to everyone who shared their pictures and gave me permission to use them! As I was receiving the pictures I realized that there were so many amazing people I would have liked to meet on the cruise and just didn't end up crossing paths with! But one thing that really struck me on this cruise was that everyone I did meet was so friendly and personable. I have never been on a cruise where people were so much fun to have a conversation with and were so willing to share a joke or a helpful hint. It made all of these parties that much more special because it felt like I was partying with friends rather than a bunch of random strangers.

Have you been on a Virgin Voyages cruise? Post your pictures from the Pajama Party and Scarlet Night below! I'm going to need some more inspiration for my next cruise!

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