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The Best Way to Disney

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

I often get asked for advice on pretty much every aspect of vacationing at Walt Disney World.

"Where are the best places to eat at Animal Kingdom?"

"What time should I stake out a place to watch the fireworks?"

"Should we take a break back at the resort in the middle of the day?"

"If you were going to EPCOT, which rides would you prioritize first?"

Now, Disney is my favorite topic and talking Disney strategy is the best part of my job as a travel agent. I could wax poetic for hours about the merits of a resort day in the middle of a Walt Disney World vacation or the benefits of staying on property or the pros and cons of park hopping. And many clients seeking out my advice are happily willing to soak up all of the wisdom that I can impart.

But none of that matters if I am only talking and not listening to the things that are important to you, the client. And that is because the BEST way to Disney is YOUR way.

Everybody Disneys differently. My husband is a thrill-ride guy. My son is decidedly NOT a thrill ride guy. I am a picture girl. The more PhotoPass shots, the better.

You would think that these competing interests (or disinterests if we are talking about my son and his aversion to thrill rides) would make for a miserable experience. And it does in those rare moments when we forget that other family members exist and focus solely on what makes us happy as individuals. Like when my husband tries to force my son to ride Space Mountain. Talk about a quick way to ruin the day. Or when I try to force my dad into too many PhotoPass shots when it is a well-known fact that his tolerance for smiling at a stranger's camera has a small window that usually closes by mid-morning.

Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World Andrea Kaltved

A rare shot of my dad before his PhotoPass tolerance wore off for the day!

But most of the time, when we remember that everyone Disneys in their own way, things work beautifully. I get my pictures, my husband rides his thrill rides, my son rides his dark rides, my dad sits on a bench while we take pictures, and my mom does all the things because she is a trooper and nothing bothers her.

A Walt Disney World vacation has what seems like a million moving parts. If you haven't been lately, let me assure you that this is not the theme park of your childhood. And if you have been recently, you know what I mean. But sometimes the most important thing to understand is not every tiny little detail about each theme park, but rather the preferences and dislikes of each of your family members.

When you take some time to think about what is important to each person in your travel party and get in the mindset that their way of Disney-ing (I know, I'll admit that I might be taking this whole Disney-as-a-verb thing a tad bit too far) is perfectly acceptable, you will set yourself up for an enjoyable vacation. And that is really the goal: An enjoyable vacation for everyone.

Interested in taking a vacation to Walt Disney World? Let me help you! Contact me at for more information.

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