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The "Upside" of Road Trips

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

I am a big fan of flying. It gets you to where you want to go as quickly as possible. Let the vacation commence ASAP. But for many people, the journey is a big part of the vacation. Or sometimes, it IS the vacation. In fact, according to The Vacationer, during the summer of 2023, 100 million Americans plan to take a road trip instead (Summer Travel & Trends Survey 2023).

So the car is packed, the playlist is ready, the sandwiches are in the cooler, and your GPS is synced. It's smooth sailing from here on out... until it's time to stop for gas. Which, according to AAA, is currently sitting at a national average of $3.59.


Enter your friendly travel agent with a big, happy, money-saving tip. Download the Upside app. Seriously. I am not even going on a road trip and I have already saved over $70 just from my regular fill-ups!

What is Upside? It is an app where you can earn cash back from participating gas stations. The catch is... that there is no catch.

No really, there's no catch.

You create an account, link one or more credit cards that you might use, and start earning. The app tells you where the participating gas stations are in your area (there are currently 37 in the area near my home) and how much you will earn per gallon at each station. When it is time to fill up, you select the gas station in the app, fill up using the credit card that is on file, and then verify in the app that you have paid. Within about 24 hours, your cash back shows up in your app. You can cash it out at any time and either have it deposited directly into a linked bank account or your choice of gift cards from tons of major retailers.

You're probably already searching for the app in your phone. But hold up! There's more. If you create your account using this code - AG29T3 - you can earn an extra $11.11 back the first time you use the app! Okay, now go ahead and download that app, create your account, and start traveling and earning!

And don't forget to let me know in the comments where you are road-tripping this summer! Bonus points if you tell me your favorite song from your road trip playlist!

Road Trip Andrea Kaltved

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